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valid from JANUARY 25, 2017, as amended

1. General
1.1. This T&C complies with Art. 4 of the Transportation Law Act of November 15, 1984 (uniform text Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] 2015/915 as amended) an a regulation of the Transportation and Construction Minister of February 24, 2006 on determination of the cargo status and claims processing (Dz. U. 2006 No 38 section 266).
1.2. Definitions:
a) Passenger - an individual who has purchased a shuttle services ticket;
b) Carrier - Matuszek Transport Sp. z o.o., 44-190 Knurów, 102 Niepodległości St. providing shuttle services for Passengers under licenses and permits issued by competent public authorities;
c) Ticket - a document featuring the name of the individual traveling to a specific location on a specific day and for a specific price; d) Confirmation - a document with the name of the individual showing the reservation and specifying the form of payment;
e) Bus/coach - a bus, van or other vehicle used by Carrier to provide transportation services;
f) Shuttle Service Contract - an agreement concluded between the Passenger and Carrier at the time the ticket was purchased / reservation made; based on the said agreement and for a set fee, Carrier shall deliver Passenger and their baggage from the specified location to the destination shown in the ticket / confirmation.
1.3. A valid shuttle service reservation means a valid transportation contract has been concluded and the T&C accepted.

2. Reservation and Ticket Purchase
2.1. The entire route is subject to seat reservation.
2.2. Ticket reservation may be made online or by calling the Carrier's Call Center.
2.3. Passenger must provide a valid contact phone number (including any area codes).
2.4. When making a reservation, Passenger is responsible for supplying correct data to the Carrier's Call Center and verifying the reservation for errors (date, route, time, contact phone #) by clicking STATUS in the online reservation window.
2.5. Carrier accepts cash payments only with telephone reservations and the cash payment option selected. Passenger must print the completed online form / saved reservation confirmation. The ticket cash price may be found in the Price List.

3. Travel
3.1. Passenger must arrive at the shuttle stop shown in the time table at least 5 minutes before the planned shuttle departure time.
3.2. Passenger should take the place assigned by the shuttle crew.
3.3. Carrier reserves the right to skip stops for which no reservations have been made.
3.4. The shuttle bus may depart earlier if all the passengers who have made reservations are already on board.
3.5. Passenger must hold a valid ticket or a reservation printout from the online reservation window.
3.6. Passenger shall follow all the transportation regulations and the shuttle bus crew's instructions. Individuals who fail to follow any safety or transportation regulations may be prevented from boarding or removed from the bus. Individuals whose behavior may inconvenience other passengers, or who refuse to pay for the transfer, may be removed from the bus unless such treatment violates the social contract principles.
3.7. Passenger shall be liable for any damage caused to Carrier (including, especially, any damage to the bus) or other passengers as set forth in the general provisions of the Civil Code.
3.8. Passenger must fasten safety belts if the shuttle bus is so equipped.
3.9. Passenger is covered by Carrier's accident insurance policy; however, coverage applies only to incidents occurring while the Passenger remains on board the bus; any other incidents resulting in losses to Passenger are excluded.
3.10. No alcohol, narcotic drugs, or smoking is allowed on the bus.
3.11. Carrier shall put forth its best efforts to deliver the Passengers and their baggage in a timely manner, as set forth in the time table; however, Carrier cannot guarantee timely baggage delivery for reasons outside its reasonable control.
3.12. In special cases, such as flight departure time change, check-in time change due to heavy passenger traffic or safety reasons, anticipated bad weather), Carrier reserves the right to change the departure time from Krakow / Katowice to the airport. Any such change may be made within 12 hours prior to the trip. Carrier guarantees the new departure time shall take into account Passenger's destination and the check-in and passport control requirements of the respective airline. Passenger shall have the right to cancel any such changed ticket and to receive full refund.
3.13. The airport departure time specified in the ticket is for information purposes only and even though it usually takes place 30 minutes after landing, it still depends on a number of factors, such as duration of passport control and check-in, arrival / departure times of other flights, etc. The waiting time for shuttle departure from the Airport may be delayed for maximum up to 2 hours versus the time specified in the ticket and shall not be interpreted as failure to keep these T&C.
3.14. The shuttle shall wait for Passengers whose flights have been delayed and who hold valid shuttle reservations; however, as an alternative, Carrier may provide a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

4. Cancellations and Returns
4.1. Passenger may cancel or change the date and/or time of their departure up to 60 minutes prior to the date / time shown on the ticket, or - for telephone reservations only - the date / time entered in the online reservation system. There is no charge for such changes.
4.2. Carrier will charge a fee equal to 20 percent of the ticket price for any cancellation made by Passenger. Carrier shall refund the balance for any unused ticket within 14 business days of having been first notified by Passenger. Cancellation notifications may be made in writing and mailed to Carrier by regular mail; online (using the reservation window or e-mail); or by phone. Passenger shall always give the reservation number and the bank account number to which the refund should be wired. For payments made by credit cards, the refund is made to the card that was used to pay for the reservation.
4.3. There is no charge for cancellation for reasons of the Carrier.
4.4. Carrier may allow a no charge change of an unused ticket, the so-called OPEN ticket (with no date for the next travel specified) provided Passenger requests the change at least 60 minutes prior to the trip starting time. The notification may be mailed in writing, sent by the Internet (using the reservation window or e- mail), or by phone. Any OPEN ticket must be dated at least 2 days prior to departure. The OPEN ticket is valid for 12 months starting with the departure date specified at the time the ticket was purchased.

5. Baggage
5.1. Passenger is responsible for attaching name tags to all the pieces of their baggage placed in the baggage compartment (basic baggage), as shown in the ticket.
5.2. Passenger may take 1 pc of baggage weighing up to 32 kg, with dimensions not exceeding 149cm wide x 119cm high and 171cm long, free of charge.
5.3. Baggage exceeding the above dimensions will be loaded only if there is baggage space available; the fee for any outsize items is PLN 25/pc. Carrier reserves the right to refuse any extra baggage if there is no space in the baggage compartment.
5.4. Passenger may take carry-on baggage weighing up to 10kg provided it may be easily placed under the seat or on the rack directly above the passenger seat. Carry-on baggage dimensions must not interfere with other Passengers' travel comfort.
5.5. Cash, securities and valuables, especially jewels, objects with scientific or artistic value, and electronic equipment may only be carried inside the shuttle as carry-on luggage and remain under Passenger's care at all times. Carrier shall not accept any cash, securities or valuables for safe-keeping.
5.6. Sporting equipment, such as skis or bicycles, may be carried only upon prior notification and with Carrier's written approval. There is a PLN 50 surcharge for each item.
5.7. Carrier may refuse to take any baggage that does not meet the requirements set forth herein.
5.8. Carrier shall take no responsibility and provide no coverage for items left in the shuttle bus unintentionally or for any other reasons.
5.9. Any loss, defect or damage to the basic baggage must be promptly reported to the bus crew in order to prepare a claim report to be signed by all the individuals inspecting the baggage. Passenger shall attach the claim report to the written claim that may be filed as stipulated in section 6 hereof.
5.10. In the event any latent (i.e. impossible to detect on the spot) loss or damage to the basic baggage is found after the baggage had been picked up, Passenger must notify Carrier and file a claim within 7 days of the baggage pickup date and prove the loss or damage had occurred between the time the baggage was accepted for transportation and its pickup.

6. Claims
6.1. Passenger may file a claim with Carrier for failure to perform or improper performance of the carriage contract. All claims must be submitted in writing by regular mail or by e-mail to
Every claim must include the following:
a) Claim date,
b) Carrier data: Matuszek Transport Sp. z o.o., 44-190 Knurów, 102 Niepodległości St.,
c) Claimant's given name and last name plus address,
d) Reservation number,
e) Reason and grounds for the claim,
f) Claim amount,
g) List of enclosed documents.
6.2. Depending on the type of claim, Passenger must attach all the documents pertaining to the transportation contract (especially the ticket, cash register receipt), and other documents supporting the type and amount of the claim. Carrier allows for submitting the said documents in any format.
6.3. Claims should be sent to the address shown in section 6.1. above or to within one year of the date the contract was performed.
6.4. Any Passenger or its legal representative may file claims. Claims submitted by any third parties shall not be considered.
6.5. In the event the submitted claim does not meet the provisions referred to in section 6.1. above, Carrier shall ask the Claimant to make any required adjustments within 14 days of receiving the claim. Failure to make the required corrections within the specified period of time will disqualify the claim from being considered. If the claim has been properly corrected, the date such corrected claim is received shall be considered to be the date the claim was first filed.
6.6. Carrier shall promptly consider all the claims, however not later than within 30 days of the claim being duly served.
6.7. Carrier's reply shall include the following:
a) Carrier details,
b) Information on rejecting or approving the claim,
c) Grounds for rejecting the claim (entirely or in part),
d) If the claim has been approved - the damages amount plus the date and form of payment,
e) Information about the right to appeal the decision to a competent court,
f) Carrier's signature.
6.8. Carrier's failure to provide a reply within the required period of time shall result in the claim being automatically approved.

7. Personal Data Protection Policy
7.1. In line with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] No 133 as amended), Carrier shall provide protection for all the personal data obtained as a result of services provided or contracts concluded.
7.2. Carrier commits and warrants all Passenger data will be processed exclusively for purposes of performing its contracts.
7.3. Passenger shall have the right to demand the data be supplemented, updated, corrected or removed; and its processing temporarily or permanently suspended if the data is incomplete, obsolete, untrue, or has been collected unlawfully, or is not required for the purpose for which it was originally collected. Passenger may also demand in writing Carrier discontinues any further processing of such personal data.
7.4. Carrier shall not make any Passenger data or information about purchased services available to any other entities.

8. Miscellaneous
The following provisions shall apply to any matters not covered herein:
- Transportation Law Act of November 15, 1984 (uniform text Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] 2015/915 as amended),
- Civil Code Act of April 23, 1964 (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] 1964 No 16 section 93, as amended).