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valid from 01.10.2007

1. General provisions
1.1 The present Regulations prepared on the basis of art. 4 of Act of 15th November 1984: Transport Law (the final text - Official Gazette [Dz. U.] 2000 No. 50, pos. 601, as last amended).
1.2 The following terms applied in the Regulations shall have the meaning assigned to them hereto:
a) The Passenger - a person who takes advantage of the service on the grounds of a valid ticket.
b) The Carrier - a company rendering Passengers service pursuant to the permits and licenses issued by competent authorities of public administration.
c) The Ticket - a registered document authorizing to the service for a person indicated in such document due to a defined routing, in definite time and for a defined price.
d) The Acknowledgement - a registered document verifying booking of a seat and determining a way of payment.
e) The Coach - a bus, a minibus or other road vehicle applied by the Carrier to carry out the contract.
f) The Contract for Service - a contract concluded between the Carrier and the Passenger at purchasing a ticket/booking of a seat; on the basis of such contract the Carrier is obliged to carry a Passenger for a particular payment and a Passenger's luggage from a selected place to a purposed place indicated on a ticket/acknowledgement.
1.3 Booking of a seat means conclusion of a contract for service and acceptance of the provisions of the present Regulations.

2. Booking and purchase of a ticket
2.1 The line service is of completely bookable seats.
2.2 The Webside gives the opportunity to book a seat by internet, booking is also possible through the Carrier's Call Centre (+48 32 236 11 11, Mo-Fr: 08.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m., Sa: 08.00 a.m. - 04.00 p.m., Sun: 09:00 a.m. - 02:00 p.m.).
2.3 The Passenger is obliged to submit a current telephone contact number (including dialing codes).
2.4 The Passenger takes the overall responsibility for data submitted to the Carrier's Call Centre operator at booking of a seat by telephone, and such Passenger is obliged to verify the correctness of such booking (a day, routing, time, a telephone contact number) using the option of STATUS in the internet booking panel.
2.5 The Carrier allows a payment in cash, only in the event of telephone booking of a seat and if such way of payment has been selected. The Passenger is obliged to use booking acknowledgement printed from internet page. A ticket price paid on a coach is higher by PLN 6.00.

3. Travel
3.1 The Passenger shall come to a bus stop indicated in the bus timetable at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of a coach departure.
3.2 The passenger shall take a seat in a coach advised by a coach staff.
3.3 If there are no bookings of seats, a coach does not serve bus stops not requested, and hereby the Carrier reserves itself the right to do so.
3.4 A coach may depart earlier, if all persons having booking of a seat are present on the bus.
3.5 The Passenger is obliged to have a valid ticket for a travel or an acknowledgement printed for the online booking panel.
3.6 The Passenger is obliged to observe order regulations binding in the transportation, as well as to follow instructions by a coach staff.
3.7 The Passenger shall be liable for damage caused to the Carrier (including, particularly, for devastation of coach equipment) and other Passengers in compliance with the general rules bound by the Civil Code.
3.8 The Passenger, who dirties a coach by malicious damage or due to negligence, shall be obliged to repair such damage by himself/herself or by payment for the Carrier's benefit an equivalent of expenses to be incurred by the Carrier for complete reparation of such damage (minimal amount of PLN 300).
3.9 If a particular coach is provided with safety belts, the Passenger shall be obliged to use belts during travel.
3.10 The Passenger is covered by the Carrier's casualty insurance. The insurance includes solely situations that may happen at Passenger's stay in a coach. Other random events causing the Passenger's harms outside a coach are not covered by such insurance.
3.11 The Carrier is right not to allow to take a place in a coach or refuse continued travel without necessity to pay back the costs incurred by the Passenger in connection with travel, in the events, if:
a) the Passenger does not observe the provisions of the present Regulations,
b) the Passenger's state shows consumption of alcohol or stupefacients (ex.: narcotics),
c) the Passenger behaves in a manner troublesome to co-passengers or/and to a coach driver.
Legal consequences of the events quoted in the first sentence shall be borne by the Passenger. If the Carrier takes use of the powers referred in that position, the Passenger shall not be authorized to demand any compensation.
3.12 It is forbidden in coaches to consume alcohol beverages and other stupefacients, and smoking tobacco.
3.13 The Carrier shall make efforts to carry the Passenger and his/her luggage in relevant time, in compliance with time-table, but for reasons independent on the Carrier, the Carrier is not able to guarantee it.
3.14 The Carrier is not responsible for delays and their further effects caused by administrative factors (police inspections/etc.) or other factors independent on the Carrier (ex.: weather conditions, obstructions in road traffic).
3.15 The Carrier reserves itself the right to change the time of departure from Cracow/Katowice to the Airport in 12-hour time before airplane departure. Greater change than 2 hours is not allowed.
3.16 Time of departure from the Airport (provided on a ticket) is approximate, and if though it is about 30 minutes after landing, it depends on many factors, among other things, time of passport-luggage control, arrivals/departure time of airplanes of other destinations. Waiting time for coach departure from the Airport may be prolonged maximally up to 2 hours from the time given on a ticket and it does not make infringement of the terms of the present contract.
3.17 In the event departure of the airplane is late, a coach waits for the Passengers having seats booked, or an alternative coach is provided as soon as possible.

4. Resignation and returns
4.1 Change of departure date may be provided at the very latest for 24 hours before a date/an hour written down on a ticket or before a date/an hour entered in a computer system of booking in case of booking done by telephone. The changes are made free of charge.
4.2 In the event of resignation by the Passenger to travel (a date and the time of notification in writing is taken into consideration) the Carrier is vested the right to deduct the following amounts:
a) 30% of a ticket value above 24h before departure,
b) 100% of a ticket value below 24 hours before leave.
Repayment of receivables for not used ticket is effected by the Carrier, after receiving of the Passenger's application. An application shall include a number of booking of a seat and an account number that a payment is to be effected. It is not possible to cancel only one sector of the trip.
4.3 The Carrier allows the right to free of charge replacement of not applied course onto the other course so called OPEN (excluding addition of a date of next travel) in 6-month time upon a date of booking. In order to make a change effective, it is to notify up to 24-hours before a travel by sending a notice to the address: and obtaining a confirmation note feedback from the Carrier. OPEN ticket is to be dated up to three days before departure.

5. Luggage
5.1 Every piece of the Passenger's luggage carried in a luggage hatch shall be characterized with the Passenger's name and surname in the accordance with an owned ticket. The Passenger is responsible for luggage characterization.
5.2 The Passenger is right to carry 1 piece of luggage up to 20 kg weight free of charge.
5.3 The Passenger is allowed to take hand luggage up to 10 kg weight and of dimensions ensuring free placement of hand luggage under a seat or on a shelf directly over a seat. Dimensions of hand luggage shall not be obstruction to other Passengers travel comfort.
5.4 Luggage exceeding the above specified limit may be carried only then, if there is enough room in a luggage hatch. The Carrier takes a charge for excess luggage amounting to 25 PLN/piece. The Carrier reserves itself the right to refuse to carry excess luggage due to limited volume of luggage hatches.
5.5 Sport equipment like skis, bicycles, windsurfing desks is carried after earlier notification and additional charge. The price amounts to 50 PLN/piece.
5.6 The Carrier is right to refuse to take particular luggage, if it does not meet requirements defined in the present Regulations.
5.7 The Carrier's responsibility for luggage carried in luggage hatches is limited up to the amount of PLN 1000. In case objects of higher value are carried, especially electronic equipment, the Passenger insures such equipment on the his/her own account and notifies a coach staff on such fact at handing luggage over into a luggage hatch.
5.8 The Carrier is not liable for luggage and belongings outside a luggage hatch.
5.9 The Carrier is not responsible for damages consisting in loss or damage of transported cash, jewellery, valuable papers, electronic equipment and objects of scientific or collectorship value.
5.10 Objects left in a coach by forgetting or other reasons, are not covered by the Carrier's protection and liability.
5.11 The Passenger can make claims in writing form to the Carrier's address regarding luggage carried in a luggage hatch. But, necessary condition is an oral notification of a complaint at collecting luggage and giving a coach staff a confirmation in writing including specification of a type of the occurred damage. In case a coach staff does not put any annotation in a ticket, the Carrier shall not consider such claim.

6. Claims
6.1 Claims resulting from performance of the contract for travel shall be submitted to the Carrier's address solely in writing form in duration of 30 days from a date of occurrence of circumstances subject to a claim. A person authorized to submit a claim is solely the Passenger or its legal guardian. Claims submitted by the third persons shall not be considered. At advancing a claim it is to refer a number of booking of a seat.
6.2 The Carrier shall consider a claim in one-month upon a date of claim delivery to the Carrier's address.
6.3 A monthly period for advancing a claim concerned in pos. 6.1 does not refer to a claim regarding luggage loss or damage that are to be notified to a coach staff at collecting luggage - see pos. 5.11.
6.4 The terms of claims submission and detailed mode of claim consideration are governed by executory provisions to the Act: Transport Law.

7. Personal Data Protection Policy
7.1 Based on the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (as amended), all your personal data obtained while providing services or performing orders you place with us will be carefully protected.
7.2 Carrier (Seller) shall process personal data of its Passengers (Buyers) exclusively for purposes of performing any orders placed or marketing purposes.
7.3 In line with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Journal of Laws [Dz.U.] No 101 section 926 as amended), Passenger may request their personal data be supplemented, updated, or corrected; or its processing be suspended temporarily or permanently; or deleted if the data is incomplete, out of date, untrue, or has been collected in violation of the law; or the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which is has been originally collected; or the data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was originally collected. Passenger shall also have the right to request, in writing, their personal data be no longer processed.
7.4 Carrier shall not process, or make available to other companies, Passengers' personal data or information about any services purchased.

8. Final provisions
8.1 For the range not governed by the Regulations the following regulations are applied: Act of 15th November 1984: Transport Law (the final text - Official Gazette [Dz. U.] 2000 No. 50, pos. 601, as last amended, Act of 23rd April 1964: the Civil Code (Official Gazette [Dz. U.] 1964 No. 16, pos. 93; as last amended).
8.2 The provisions of the Regulations become valid on a day of announcement.